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Premiere: Ryan Egan Asks 'Who's Left Behind?' on Latest Single

The feeling of abandonment is an innate fear that we will all come to experience at some point in our lives. In Ryan Egan’s latest single, the New York-based singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist attempts to reconcile with the aftermath of two people who have drifted from being one.

“The song deals with the experience of being abandoned or forgotten and the accountability that we yearn for afterwards,” Egan says. “Everyone shares this common agony to varying degrees, whether we’ve been left by family or loved ones, or by the state. The song attempts to pull at those familiar and often bitter emotions but ultimately places itself in a position of power, never forgetting who’s wronged us.”

Through a haze of jazzy percussions, Egan sings: “Who’s left behind / To uncuff your shame? / When you change your mind / There’s so much at stake.” Though the feeling of being abandoned comes with great heartache and questions about what went wrong, the lessons we learn about ourselves when the dust settles offer a new opportunity for personal growth. With that in mind, listen to “Who’s Left Behind?” below, premiering today exclusively on Milk.

Images courtesy of Veronika Max Niko

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