Combing Oliver Chen's filming with Liz Caputo's spoken word, "Seeing Words" is a captivating visualization of one artist's inner thoughts.



Premiere: "Seeing Words" Is Bringing Poetry to Life

Poetry inherently requires its listener to fill in the blanks where artfully strung together words leave a visual gap—until now. “Seeing Words” is changing the game by bringing poetry to life through film, and today, the first edition is premiering exclusively on, courtesy of filmmaker Oliver Chen and poet Liz Caputo.

“I’ve always been intrigued by visual poetries, as I think it is one of the only few surviving forms this art can take in the modern world,” Chen says. “Reading Liz’s poem, I felt an instant connection with the main theme of being lost. What rings true is no matter how sure of yourself you were, coming into a big city like this will throw anyone off. You see the best and worst in people, and you just pray that life will still guide you into the right direction. I was forced to relearn myself, and still doing so. Though amidst all this fear and confusion, I’m humbled to be learning and still being lost.”

Themes of self discovery and direction are universal, and thus, “Seeing Words” feels relevant no matter what context it’s presented in. In her own words, Caputo says “Reptilian Lifestyle” allows her to “confront doubt, anxiety, fear, and ultimately, hope as she sheds her skin to realize her new form.” Watch the full film above.

Film courtesy of Oliver Chen; poem by Liz Caputo

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