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Premiere: Shaheen Peer's Visual Journey Through Delhi

In a city filled with stimuli, zoning in on silence and the isolation of the senses seems nearly impossible. But when done successfully, as creatives like Shaheen Peer have, the product transcends the chaos.

“One for the Road,” a photo series depicting the thought and reflections behind solo travel, aims to dispel the stigma that Delhi’s pandemonium is its sole attribute. The city’s roads less traveled serve as the stages for Peer’s visuals; a creative choice favoring the lesser-known facet of its culture and capturing serene vibes we’d never expected to see (along with some damn fine looks to boot). Check out the full photo series shot by Dolly Haorambam in the slideshow above, exclusively on Milk.

Photos by Dolly Haorambam; styling by Shaheen Peer; hair and makeup by Nganga Sekhose

Model: Eka (Anokhi Talents)

Stay tuned to Milk for more pictorial pseudo-travels.

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