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Premiere: Stay Woke With This "Tompkins Dance Parade" Editorial

If you’re not already acquainted with Jack Maffucci’s ethereal, nostalgic aesthetic, get familiar. The photographer, who considers himself “a hybrid of analog and digital techniques,” moves from frame to frame with much more than just aesthetic in mind (though that is expertly executed as well, no doubt). He’s in search of feeling; a deeper connection than the one you might initially make with his pictures. It’s in that place of searching that we land with his brand-new “Tompkins Dance Parade” editorial: in the midst of something more than just well-styled clothes and a colorful backdrop, an exciting narrative forms, one that refuses to be replicated or reproduced. Simply put, it’s resolutely one of a kind.

“On May 20th, the 11th Annual Dance Parade and Festival took place in Tompkins Square Park,” Maffucci explains. “Inspired by the message behind the event we decided to create a visual journey through different dance cultures. We captured our model’s genuine experience interacting with these different groups. The images were created in the midst of the excitement and high energy parade. We were welcomed by each group to photograph, experience and learn despite our cultural differences. Traditional Chinese dance, Caporales, Creative Movement, Hoopers and Scottish dance were all apart of our journey through the Dance Parade. This story speaks to the importance of celebrating cultural differences throughout our everyday lives.”

Maffucci’s editorial is premiering exclusively on Milk.xyz; check the slideshow above to see it in full.

Images courtesy of Jack Maffucci; stylist: Sam Weir; hair/makeup: Saira Ahmed; model: Karlotta Jensen; photo assistant: Emily Chizmadia

Stay tuned to Milk for more exclusive editorials. 

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