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Premiere: Step Inside Evan Tan's World With This Quasi Yearbook

Everyone has a story, and with each narrative comes a different form of self-expression. For 18-year-old photographer Evan Tan, it’s visual; and with his 18th birthday comes a yearbook of 18 photos, documenting what he says is “a story of love, loneliness, confusion, misunderstood beauty, fear, and fluidity.”

Working as a recent high school grad and creative in Los Angeles, Tan has set out to help further enliven the narrative for ethnic and fluid artists such as himself. With film photography and an ultra personal perspective, he’s able to do just that.

“As a half-Asian half-British bisexual photographer in Los Angeles, I feel like there are very few people I can relate to, and so I have to be my own role model,” Tan says. “I want to make this world a more inclusive, loving place for all people alike, and photography gives me that power.”

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Here, Tan presents 18 to celebrate his 18th trip round the sun and his embarking on a new chapter. Peep the full gallery above.

Images courtesy of Evan Tan

Stay tuned to Milk for more visual expression.

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