Listen to the brand new "Strangers" track, premiering exclusively on MILK.XYZ.



Premiere: "Strangers" by Annabel Jones x AObeats

If nothing else, the product of AObeats and Annabel Jones’s recent collab is proof that when two dope artists get together, magic happens. In this case, that magic happens to be their new track “Strangers”, a snappy, snarky track that spells out what happens when two people get together, then fall apart (“Stuck like we’re together / Now we’re strangers again”). And this isn’t the duo’s first rodeo—AObeats has actually already done two remixes for Jones prior, the most prominent being his twist on her “Magnetic” track that shot her to the spotlight a few years back.

“Having done two remixes before for Annabel for Magnetic and IOU in the past, it was awesome to finally have something original between the two of us,” AObeats says. “I feel like ‘Strangers’ is different than anything else I’ve put out in the sonics of the production and also the vibe of Annabel‘s song. I’m also excited because I feel like the song is more representative of the creative direction that I want to move in, pushing towards more collaboration and mixing of amazing songwriting with interesting production. I’ve been holding on to a lot of music for the past year and this is just the first of many songs to come.”

Not surprisingly, the feeling is mutual:

“Working with AO on ‘Strangers‘ was fun and the writing experience was very cathartic,” Jones says. “The lyrics touch on the breakdown of a friendship and the idea of being ‘frenemies’ I guess the song is a bit of a f* you. AO and I worked super closely on this one and it’s great to be making music together again!”

Ready to hear for yourself? Listen to the brand new “Strangers” track below, premiering exclusively on MILK.XYZ.

Images courtesy of Annabel Jones and Lauren Engel

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