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Premiere: T2 Ghetto Hippie's "Double Cups & Taco Trucks" Vid

T2 Ghetto Hippie may be unorthodox in his approach to rap, but he has a vision for the Renaissance of Houston’s hip hop culture that’s second to none, and if his upcoming album is anything like this latest release, Texas, not to mention the rest of the country, is in for a treat.

“Double Cups & Taco Trucks” is admittedly chill—it doesn’t get much more chill that rapping about taco trucks—but T2’s approach to its visual component was anything but. An ode to Houston culture, the video hits you hard with its dreamy yet aggressive scenes, challenging the viewer to look beyond the basics. For T2, it’s all about finding the perfect balance.

“Sonically, the song is very light-hearted, soft on the ears, and catchy,” he says. “But visually I wanted it to be much more aggressive and stimulating. Much like my moniker ‘ghetto hippie’ and the content of the album itself…I wanted to embody contrasting realities. A celebration of the simple life, yet a glorification of the abyss. Anything in excess can lead to one’s demise. Whether it’s being content with never leaving the neighborhood and settling for less or dealing with drug use…those same things that bring you up…can bring you down. Just like everything in life, it’s about the balance. And in the time I was writing this song and coming up with the video treatment, I was somewhat losing my balance. I wanted to metaphorically show that with out flat out stating it. With blessings from our go to cinematographer / director (ALuce Vision)…I took lead on directing this visual and this is what I came up with.”

Watch T2’s vid for “Double Cups & Taco Trucks” above, premiering exclusively on, then stay tuned for his upcoming album.

Featured image courtesy of T2 Ghetto Hippie; Artwork by JDub Williams

Stay tuned to Milk for more first looks. 

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