Premiere: The Road to Dizzyland

Minnesota-based musician Dizzy Fae is taking us behind the scenes of Red Bull Presents: Dizzyland. her very own safe haven that centers people of color and queer youth. Last month, Dizzy celebrated her hometown underground music scene at Muse Minneapolis. In recent years, the city has become an epicenter for emerging queer and POC talent to work together and grow. Coproduced with Red Bull, the show’s lineup featured artists like Tei Shi, SHYBOI, Junglepussy and more. Today, we’re premiering a look into the magic; Dizzy’s groovy R&B, 80s synth music is paired with exclusive footage about her tour and rehearsal, as we peek into her life experience building the world of Dizzyland. Milk spoke to the artist to get the down-low:

You spoke about “you” energy’ and love being inspirations for Dizzyland? What is your definition of “you” energy?

“You” energy to me is authenticity at its roots and coming through the doors if I love myself, it’s easy to love others. The “you” energy for Dizzyland is showing all the way up as yourself because “you” are the only one that can do that. In my experiences of being surrounded in environments where you come to have a good time and you can be yourself unapologetically, those are the nights that have the best memories and stories.

What was it like sharing the stage with other artists on the lineup such as Tei Shi, Junglepussy and SHYBOI?

It was cool to have a group of strong performers that all come with different styles and energy! They’re all so captivating! Shyboi and Dj Keezy brought hella dance elements along with Suzi Analogue! Jungle Pussy is just a whole ass vibe, Teishi’s voice is like gliding on water and Sudan Archive is a performance!! We all went together so well! The green room was the fucking spot (:

 Any favorite memories?

I have too many favorite memories from that night. One of my favorites though was being backstage and having my homies come back one by one saying ‘I can’t be this person is here’ or ‘ I haven’t seen that person in so long’ i think that’s one of my favorite memories that sticks out because it really felt like I was bringing people together.

What were the first things you considered when curating this lineup? What was the process like?

I went into it really wanting a night of dancing where people could move how they wanted and have a good time. That was a big goal from the jump. I wanted to pick an artist that people could feel an equal representation from and a variety of different sounds and fluidity. Those original thoughts were what pushed me through to the last thought before getting on stage. Wouldn’t of been able to Curate the event without an amazing team like mine and RedBull Music. It’s a big process, way more than I thought going in.

The documentary shows a lot of your rehearsal process and behind the scenes footage. How do you manage to stay energized and active throughout the process, any tips?

Well for me, I work really well when I have a lot going on or essentially moving towards something at all times haha. I’m still working on the best way to stay energized. Cause I know there are better methods haha I’m just dabblin’ with what I got right now. It’s crazy what the right amount of sleep, eating the right foods and working out will do.

Do you have a pre-show routine before each show?

It depends how pre we talking about! I usually have a whole day of prep. More of a mental thing for me though, cause psychically it’s probably some warm tea and good conversation if any.

Do you have a favorite song you love performing?

Every song has a special place for me to sing on stage (: some of my favorite songs to sing depends on how the crowd is going.

What does a day off on tour look like for you?

When I have a day off tour, I like to explore the city I’m in. I’m a big thrifter so that’s always the move for me.

What are some things you learned on set and on tour that you didn’t know about yourself before?

I’ve learned to always be ready so you don’t have to get ready. Everything that will happen is going to happen so the start button is every breath.

What’s next for fans to look forward to, can you tell us about any upcoming projects?

Dizzyland coming to a city near you (:

Image Courtesy of Darin Kamnetz.

Stay tuned to Milk for more music moments. 

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