Listen to Victoria Bigelow's "Blame", premiering today exclusively on Milk. 



Premiere: Victoria Bigelow's "Blame" Takes Stock of a Relationship Gone Wrong

Victoria Bigelow is no stranger to taking responsibility when a relationship goes awry—even if, as is the case with “Blame”, she’s not the one who cheated. “Blame” has a lyrical nuance matched by a similar sonic one, and it’s reflective of the subject matter; sometimes there’ no clear right and wrong, but rather, lots of gray area. Bigelow sings: “How could I blame you I wouldn’t love me at all / How could I blame you, you just broke my heart,” and it’s impossible not to empathize. With “Blame”, she’s articulating the inevitably of complication and, often, heartbreak due to human imperfection.

“It’s a reflective piece, understanding now the consequences of my own actions and realizing in retrospect that we both were guilty of the same wrongdoings,” she says. “I find it way easier to write about intense or painful experiences once I’ve made it out of them and into a clearer head space. ‘How could I blame you, I wouldn’t love me at all’ is a self-deprecating, slightly sarcastic response to him cheating.”

Listen to “Blame” below, premiering today exclusively on Milk.

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