The debut video from Bronx-based hip hop artist B. Rodgers.



Premiere: Watch B. Rodgers' New "Cross The Line" Video Ft. Nel$

Give us fresh art, and we’ll likely love it…but give us fresh NYC-based art, and we’re instantly hooked. Case in point: the new B. Rodgers “Cross The Line” vid, featuring Nel$ and directed by Dane Brown, which highlights the grit and glory of the Bronx borough. It’s just about as raw and real as they come, and that’s exactly the way Brown wanted it.

“To be honest the experience was incredible,” he says. “Hitting the streets of South Bronx, and ingesting all that rawness and unfiltered attitude was refreshing. I went into this project hoping to showcase the talents of these artist and bring a eye into their world. I’m from Brooklyn myself, so the vibe isn’t to far off for me. These guys have a lot more music coming out and I’m honored to have been apart and shoot their first vid. Now the work really begins!”

Ready to see for yourself? Watch the debut vid above, exclusively on

Featured image courtesy of B. Rodgers

Stay tuned to Milk for more hard hitting visuals we love. 

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