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Premiere: Watch Blonder's New "In and Out" Vid

If you’ve ever spent an evening wine drunk in a bar, alone, lovesick and somber, Blonder gets it. What’s more—he’s dedicated the entire visual component of “In and Out” (his new track off the new out EP, $5) to exactly those feelings, elaborating on what it means to be forlorn and love struck (literally, “in and out of love”) in a dark and moody bar while he attempts to serenade the lonely crowd from on high (AKA, on stage). Midday through Blonder’s indie pop crooning, members of his audience reach an epiphany—and finally act on those feelings they’ve been withholding for too long. It’s a lesson in emotion, but also in sound—suddenly, with one decisive slap, we realize just how effective a damn good song (and accompanying video) can be.

“Two friends of mine submitted the treatment for this video and it was originally for lean, when ‘In and Out’ came out, the idea from the record label was that we should use it for that instead—made during a dense 15 hour shoot, the video itself doesn’t really touch on the themes of ‘In and Out’ as a song but more on Blonder as a music project as a whole,” he says. “It was supposed to showcase this idea of a new performer on a stage, and the way that performer interacted w an audience: the excitement, satisfaction, estrangement, romance, disappointment, projection, chaos and harmony of it all… since me and my friends have been life long Lynch fans and had just finished re-watching ‘Mulholland Drive’ and loved it, I guess we soaked up some of the ambition of treating concepts like he does in that movie, to mixed results perhaps, but not without hopefully capturing something special in the process. Hope you enjoy.”

After staking his claim in the post-punk intersection of synth pop and indie rock, Brooklyn-based Blonder has recruited artists from all over (think Wet, Tei Shi, Guards, Dev Hynes, and Aaron Maine, for starters) to carve out a space all his own. If that sounds like a dream team, that’s because it is (check the video above to see for yourself).

Featured image courtesy of Corey Olsen

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