A 3D animation dream come true.



Premiere: Watch COMPUTER MAGIC's "Been Waiting" Vid

If you’ve never entered COMPUTER MAGIC’s world of electronic synth pop, consider this your official initiation. “Been Waiting” was the single that swept us off our feet, and now solo-starlet Danielle “Danz” Johnson is back, with a 3D animated film that brings all our (and her) visual dreams to life.

“It was an amazing experience to work with Anise and Abi on this video for ‘Been Waiting’, I really admire their work so it was very exciting for me,” Johnson says. “I never thought I’d come alive as an animated character in a video, it’s definitely a dream come true! Like living in a Computer Magic anime world. I hope people like it.”

As an NYC native, Johnson is no stranger to experimental sound, and each offering that COMPUTER MAGIC serves up is yet another fresh take on her brand of electronic pop. The consensus thus far? If “Been Waiting” tells us anything about what’s in the pipeline for COMPUTER MAGIC re: 2K17, we’re in for a treat. Peep the brand new vid above.

Featured image via COMPUTER MAGIC

Stay tuned to Milk for more groundbreaking.

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