Tasha The Amazon takes on the ups and downs of musical success with a brand new vid.



Premiere: Watch "Die Every Day" by Tasha The Amazon

If you weren’t already aware of Toronto’s position as the leading player in all things emerging hip hop, consider Tasha The Amazon the ultimate deciding factor. Rising up above her competitors in 2017, the artist has been making waves since day one, and now, with the “Die Every Day” vid, is addressing the ups and downs of her sudden success. Spitting verse after verse that prove her resiliency (and standout talent) again and again (“they got no vision, I just stick out like an eye sore” is quintessential as far as describing Tasha’s career path, for example), “Die Every Day” wraps up a tumultuous year that ultimately ended with Tasha on top. And with no label or major backing on which to lean on, the credit’s all hers, proving that a one woman show is exactly what the doctor ordered.

“This is the last video from the Die Every Day project and the one that’s realest to me. So much changed for me in this last year, some extreme successes—touring the world for the first time, winning awards, building the team, getting to that next level. But also some real low shit—being betrayed, feeling alone, having to cut people from my life. The video is about that mixed feeling of power and loneliness that comes after a year like this. That feeling of having only yourself to rely on. People will come and go, but this hustle is ultimately mine alone, and that’s fuckin fine.”

Watch the “Die Every Day” video above, premiering exclusively on MILK.XYZ.

Featured image courtesy of James Ellis 

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