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Premiere: Watch "Green Eye's" Come To Fruition In This New Vid

What happens when you have 48 hours, three collaborators, and one idea from which all inspiration flows? For Esther and Clara McGregor and Jimmy Giannopoulos, the result was magic: a new “Green Eye’s” vid that hit all the right notes, both nostalgic and modern, a set of photos that perfectly complemented its counterpart, and a song that was brought to life in three different mediums, each serving as a breath of fresh air. For singer Esther, this was a wholly new experience: “It’s the first time I was really enjoying what I was writing instead of just writing to write,” she explains. ““It started off with the idea of just recording a song, then bloomed into this opportunity with was incredible.”

Giannopoulos came in with a little more experience than the McGregor sisters, calling up his previous collaborators like Pete Moses, who served as DP for the project, and James Levy, who dropped by to edit the song. The video was shot at The Lot Radio in Greenpoint, another collaborative connection courtesy of Giannopoulos.

“It took three minds to create this concept, and that’s the beauty of it. It’s not just one sided,” he says, emphasizing once again the importance of partnership. “It was incredible to see how we could come up with the project so fast. We had a limited amount of time and we managed to do it.”

“Green Eye’s” is the product of spontaneity, teamwork, and pure creative flow. If that’s not inspiring, we’re not sure what is. Watch the new video below, premiering exclusively on Milk, and get a peek at the aforementioned photos in the gallery above.

Images courtesy of Clara McGregor

Stay tuned to Milk for more first looks.

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