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Premiere: Watch Jinka's "Flesh To White To Black To Flesh"

Jinka’s focus on transformation is clear as day in her new (and fairly dark) vid, “Flesh To White To Black To Flesh”. Inspired by Bruce Nauman’s video of the same name, circa 1968, Jinka’s take is almost hypnotizing in nature, walking her viewer through a sensuous, dark and dreamy experience that serves as the perfect accompaniment to an equally trans-inducing track.

“I started writing ‘Flesh To White To Black To Flesh’ in Toronto last year and finished the track in Berlin,” Jinka says. “During the production process I was watching Nauman’s video over and over again, trying to translate the atmosphere of its audiovisual field into my individual pop music language. For me, both video and song, are about dissecting, morphing, reinventing and physically exploring different identities, about shifting the focus of perception away from the juxtaposition of various distinct results to the process of steady transformation.”

A follow-up to Jinka’s debut single “Trash From The Past”,”Flesh To White To Black To Flesh” is setting the tone for what’s to come from this Transylvanian artist—and if it wasn’t obvious, we like what we see (and hear) so far. Watch the brand new video below, and be sure to also check the exclusive visuals in the gallery above.

Images courtesy of Jinka

Stay tuned to Milk for more first looks.

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