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Premiere: Watch Juletta's "Across the World" ft. Ishan

Last time we spoke with Eva Zar, she had just photographed the luminous Polly Nor in her NYC apartment. Now, she’s back—with another set of delectable photos, a short film, and a hard-hitting convo with musician Juletta. Below, watch the brand new vid, premiering exclusively on Milk, and hear more from the pair on what motivates them to continue their creative journey as artists.

Hey Juletta, rumor has it your coming out with your very first EP Wild Nature! I have proof “Across The World” is out and works as a single, right? What should we prepare for with the EP?

Yes! “Across The World” is the single that preludes the rest of the Wild Nature EP because it sets the tone for my crazy journey moving from California to Italy to New York over the past three years. The experiences and stories from this adventure is what inspired the songs off the EP.

Now back to “Across The World”—when we first started talking about it and you asked me to take over Creative Direction for it, you mentioned that it was about a boring 9-to-5 job you didn’t want to do. Do you think there is any bigger storyline behind your lyrics?

Agency—having the ability to change your life or get out of any situation at any time. Sometimes I think we all need that reminder. It’s easy to fall into the lull of everyday life and be that puppet for the world around you. I woke up one day and realized I’d been reacting to everyone else’s needs without taking action for my own. I needed to remind myself that I’m in control of where I go and who I am.

In “Across The World” you talk about not talking about it, a couple of times, haha. What was the reason for not talking about it? Is there anyone specific you were thinking about while writing it?

We don’t talk about it anymore is definitely the anthem line of “Across The World”! The entire song sits on this wonderful, bubbling edge, as if on an inhale…right before you take a leap. Right before you act upon a decision, there’s a brief moment when the smoke clears and you can kind of see the path that you’ve chosen. It’s a very personal moment, after you stop talking about all the things you are going to do but before you start doing any of them. The first time I noticed it was when I actually made the decision to move across the world—my mind was made up and I was free to just go.

It’s so exciting to have the video out and about, we spent so much time on creating this fantasy. What was your favorite part about this entire project?

Ahh there was so many amazing parts. An important thing to know about the creation of Wild Nature is that it was written and produced entirely by me and my close collaborator Ishan. We spent this past summer either in our makeshift studio or on a burrito run in between songs, while somehow still managing our full time jobs. 

In its aftermath, my favorite part was getting to meet and work with so many incredible people—from the team on our video shoot to all the people coming to my shows—it has made all the difference to have such genuine support. It’s so special that a once two-person project has now been transformed and shaped through the minds of so many talented people.

It seems like your work is inspired by Jorja Smith and Rhye (who we all love). Do you have any inspirations we should all know about and look into?

Yes! I’ve taken inspiration from both Jorja Smith and Rhye to find this middle ground between singer songwriter and R&B. My first influence however was Adam Duritz—I grew up listening to the Counting Crows with my dad. After seeing the Counting Crows live when I was seven, I began songwriting to their songs, looking up Youtube tutorials to learn the chords. My other influences growing up were Stevie Nicks and Joni Mitchell both in attitude and in music style, and I later discovered Frank Ocean, SZA and Bon Iver who introduced me to the world of music production.

The artist who shaped my sound the most however is my sister Genevieve—my first bandmate and co-writer. Ever since we were little, we played piano and guitar while belting out Taylor Swift songs, until we started writing our own. We started playing at the local restaurant Sideboard on Wednesdays, and my happiest memories are making music with her. 

Back to you, what do you hope your music is able to do for anybody listening?

Creating Wild Nature has allowed me to find strength in my vulnerabilities, and I hope whoever is listening can do the same.

 Now to the future, what are we going to work on next, haha? No seriously, what are the next projects you’re excited about and people should look out for?

Something I’ve been working on for a while is my next album under the working title the Juletta Project. I’ve been interviewing women all over New York City for about the last six months, and I’m now in the process of taking these stories and transforming them into songs that will be released on a concept album in 2019. This project is really special to me because I was inspired by so many people I was meeting when I first moved to New York, and I now have the chance to give voice to their experiences in a completely new way. I can’t wait to share.

Art Direction + Photography: Eva Zar
Director Of Photography: Symone Ridgell
Styling: Erik Ziemba
Make-Up: Tashi Honnery
Hair: Patrick Kyle
Creative Assistant: Nicolas Bloise 
Gaffer: Olivia Peters

Stay tuned to Milk for more musicians on the rise.

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