Peep the visual version of Panama's newly released hit single.



Premiere: Watch Panama's "Hope For Something" Vid

Jarrah McCleary’s mastery of indie pop is evident with the Australian dance project he devised, Panama. But don’t go looking for sunshine in their latest vid: this one’s a much more introspective, somber visual accompaniment to their latest hit single, “Hope For Something”, as it depicts a family in the midst of grief and loss.

“‘Hope For Something’ deals with finding the positives in life despite past mistakes and personal struggles,” McCleary says. “I love how Ariel Fisher has brought this song to life, visually it’s extremely emotive to me, much like the music. By exploring how different people deal with loss she was able to capture the mood my lyrics have touched on. I love the dual story line aspect and the choreographed dance scenes.”

McCleary pulls us toward the positive despite a more melancholy turn for this typically cheerful group, and it works. “Hope For Something” is topping the charts, and here’s betting this vid is sure to do the same. You saw it here first; watch the brand new video above.

Featured image courtesy of Mitch O’Neil

Stay tuned to Milk for more first looks. 

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