Take a step back in time with Tomás Tomás, who's bringing an 80s-inspired sound to the modern airwaves.



Premiere: Watch "Pennies of Dime" From Tomás Tomás

Tomás Tomás is making music that sounds like home. For him, that home is a very specific step back in time: to the 1980s, when synth pop reigned supreme and Depeche Mode was played on repeat in his childhood living room. Fast forward to 2018, and those sounds live on, reincarnated most recently in Tomás Tomás’s new vid, “Pennies of Dime”. Light and vibe-y AF, “Pennies of Dime” floats through a beautiful setting with a lovesick Tomás Tomás, who slowly realizes that perhaps what (or rather, who) he’s lost is gone for good.

Watch the visuals for “Pennies of Dime” above, and keep reading below for our quick chat with the artist to celebrate the new release.

How would you describe your sound and what informs it? I noticed that you use a lot of synths, do you feel a connection to the 80s? If so, why? 

I’m not sure if I would like to put a concrete label on it, but I guess I’d say it’s a more modern version of new wave, mixed with some pop, and funk elements. Mainly, I try and make music that feels and sounds like the emotions that the song was inspired by. But the 80s are definitely a time in music that I relate to most. My parents would play a lot of different music as I was growing up, but pretty much anything from that time was played a little more often than anything else. I always had a certain feeling of comfort whenever Tears for Fears or Depeche Mode was playing. I just think the music I’m making right now feels like home.

What is your creative process like when making a song?

I’ll usually start off by being inspired by a certain feeling or emotion. Once the feeling lives inside me for a little while I’ll sit down at my desk with a midi keyboard and try to harness that feeling into a sound, and use it to write a chord progression. After that I’ll arrange the rest of the production, drums, bass line, etc. Then I’ll think about a specific memory that matches the feeling I had to begin with, and use that memory to write the lyrics.

Do you think of yourself more as a producer or a singer? What was it like to from a more behind the scenes role, to being in the spotlight? 

I don’t know if I’d sway it one way or the other. When I started out just producing, I was only in control of one half of the finished product, which would always frustrate me. But when I decided to make the transition to a full blown solo artist I realized you can’t make a move on one part of the song without having every other element in mind. Everything becomes intertwined. I guess my heart will always lye with production because that was my starting point, but nowadays I’d just say I’m an artist. Anything I do is just an extension of making art.

What exciting projects are you working on for the remainder of 2018? 

Right now I’m working on releasing an EP either late 2018, or very early 2019. But in the very immediate future I will be releasing a new record in August, accompanied by a little visual piece.

Featured image courtesy of Lloyd Lenox 

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