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Premiere: Watch Roga Raph's New "Stand Up" Vid

Roga Raph is looking on the bright side, and we’re right there with him. Instead of focusing on the negative, and yeah, there’s lots to choose from, he’s turning his eyes to the light (or, alternatively, the glitter), with “Stand Up”. The scene is set from the start: what initially seems like a chilled-out day at Coney Island quickly morphs into a sharp commentary on poverty, politics, and not letting the bullshit get you down. In two “words,” it’s woke AF, and just what the doctor ordered in a culture that’s feeling weighed down by all sorts of shit.

“I intended for this video to not only stir-up the rebel within, but to also portray that there’s still beauty in our current state, even if it’s not ideal,” he says. “And it’s in our best interest to embrace it.”

“Stand Up” premieres in the lead-up to Raph’s upcoming album, Nostalgiks. Check the full video above.

Featured image courtesy of Roga Raph

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