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Premiere: Watch The Trp's Surreal New "Beth" Video

The Trp—that secretive band comprised of three members whose identities still remain unknown—have had a busy year. With three tracks out already, including the buzz-inducing “Lavender”, (crowned #1 on Spotify’s Fresh Finds), this trio is already prepping for the release of their debut EP—and it’s only April. A blend of R&B, garage, and post-electric vibes, their music has amassed a large underground following, with praise pouring in from BBC Radio, The Fader, Complex, NPR, and more.

It should come as no surprise, then, that The Trp’s latest, “Beth”, is equally enticing; conceptualized and directed by the group (with co-production and backing vocals for the beat created with UN BLONDE), its full of the shit we love: glittery images, dreamlike landscapes, and the familiar face of frequent collaborator, Dos Global, all included. Needless to say, it’s a must-watch. Check the video above, premiering exclusively on Milk, then keep scrolling for our full interview with the trio below.

Congrats on releasing the “Beth” vid! How does it feel to be premiering your first video?

Thanks! Everyone’s been super excited to see what we’ve been cooking up visually, so it feels great to start sharing.

You directed the video. How was that experience?

We’ve always made movies since we were kids, not even for music just as a hobby. Short films with friends for fun. So, it felt really natural making the transition to an official music video.

Was there any added pressure since you would be directly controlling the vision for the video?

We’re visual people. Even when making music, we’ll see abstract colors and shapes for each sound. Or feel like we’re in a location, like a huge party in a crystal cave on an alien planet or in another dimension chilling with unicorns. So, directing the visuals felt natural. We also worked with Lola-Lou on a lot of scenes. She’s a genius.

What sparked the idea for “Beth”?

There was a lot of inspiration from surrealism and independent films from the ’90s like Chungking Express. The camera work and colors in that film are so dope. With this and our upcoming movies, we want to represent the different expressions of human beings. A lot of the mainstream just sticks to a thin spectrum of humans, that’s boring and not what the world actually is. It’s exciting cause there’s so much that hasn’t even been explored with music videos, we’re looking forward to sharing our visions.

Since the video is sort of an ethereal collage of images, it almost feels like watching a dream. Is that what you were going for?

One hundred percent. We want people to feel like they’re having a lucid dream.

There’s a few scenes with Dos Global—AKA Michael Tousana—a frequent collaborator of yours. Was it a no-brainer to have him on board for your first video?

Yeah definitely, it tied the movie up nicely having him in it.

This song is taken from your debut EP. What can people expect from it?

It’s going to be like taking a trip into another universe. We want people to feel warmer after listening. A lot of people in our generation feel lost or down about their lives. If this project can help them through, we’re doing our part. Or even people who are really positive, we wanna reinforce that energy. So we’re giving feels to dance to. Feels to explore a desert to. Feels to create art to. Feels to fuck & fall in love to. It’s all positive vibes.

What’s it been like preparing for its release? 

It’s been a lot of work. We’ve been spending a lot of time honing in on the sound for this EP. A lot of people have been joining our journey, especially the last few months. And we want to give everyone something they haven’t experienced before.

In our last interview you said you wanted to achieve universal domination. Is that still the case, and how soon can we expect a The Trp takeover?

[Laughs] When the aliens land…

Featured image courtesy of The Trp

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