"The vision for the video is to portray this red thread of defining the rules for myself."



Premiere: Watch The Video For "Uber" by AMWIN

AMWIN’s “Uber” might be the most tell-it-like-it-is premiere Milk.xyz has ever hosted. One listen to the lyrics and you’ll immediately know why: “You know we ain’t nothing / No feelings/ Just fucking / You know you ain’t staying the night.” She’s harsh, and not backing down—simply put, AMWIN is defining her own rules for the modern music video (and the modern woman as well). It’s her world and we’re all just living in it. Watch the video for “Uber” above and hear more from the musician herself below.

What was the inspiration for the song? 

“Uber” is a track about lingerers. People who don’t understand the concept “Get in, Get off, Get out.” People who don’t seem to be able to accept that some relationships are strictly carnal and that’s it. Sometimes these people need a little help taking the hint that they’ve overstayed their welcome. Enter: “Uber”.

How was the process of the video and what do the scenes symbolize?

As fashion is an important way for me to express myself, my stylist Zelam Fessahaye has played a big part in the process of making ”Uber” happen and it has truly been a process. In the beginning it was just me dropping a lot of different weird ideas and visions I’ve had, asking; ”is this reasonable?”, ”is this just weird?”. Then I told Simon Jung, the director of the video: ”fuck it, I just want 20 bunnies” and we took it from there. As the lyrics say ”….Let me tell you the rules” we decided to, ourselves, define the rules of a modern music video. In three different odd and powerful situations the vision for the video is to portray this red thread of defining the rules for myself. Each one of these situations, in its own way, shows me being emotionally present but also totally comfortable, not letting the outer world get to me, again, defining the rules.

​What should the American audience expect from her music?

I love performing. So the live aspect has played a big part when we’ve been in the studio. We’ve been going in everyday like, “Ok, what else do we want to fuck with in future live sets,” and then we’ve just tried make that. So expect me to drop a bunch of songs that I want to jump around to on stage.

Featured image courtesy of AMWIN

Stay tuned to Milk for more first looks. 

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