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Premiere: Watch These Jane Fonda Inspired Workout GIFs

Are you ready for your mid-week pick-me-up? It’s here—and in the form of some 80s AF, Jane Fonda inspired workout GIFs. Created by independent designer Colin LoCascio (whose clothing has been worn by the likes of Cardi B and Bella Hadid) in collaboration with video artist Jacqueline Lin, these mini vids are the perfect dose of video celebrity culture to finish out your week on a high note.

“The project started out with our obsession with Jane Fonda’s workout tapes,” LoCascio says. “We began to think about how much video and celebrity culture has changed since the VHS era, and how accessible people can be to each other. We were enthralled by this idea of a modern girl creating workout tapes for her Instagram followers. The fashion was an important part of the project, paying homage to the 1980’s while also incorporating a modern, absurd twist like wearing fur coats while trying to dance, resulting in what we think is a satirical and fabulous set of GIFs!”

Peep all 10 GIFs in the slideshow above, and stay tuned to Milk for more throwback culture.

Art Direction & Styling: Colin LoCascio

Art Direction & Graphics: Jacqueline Lin

Videography: Zexi Qi

Makeup: Mia Varrone

Hair: Jinn

Models: Vika Radchenko and Cory Bower

Stay tuned to Milk for more fun AF vids.

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