"What Makes Me Different From Everybody Else" transcends what a standard "Fashion Editorial" should be.



Premiere: Watch "What Makes Me Different From Everybody Else?"

Traditional fashion editorial films are surface level when its comes to introducing talent. It’s assumed that the viewer has no interest—or maybe, just no time—to dive deep on who each person is, and what makes them uniquely appropriate for the project. Enter “What Makes Me Different From Everybody Else”: the antidote to anonymity that the fashion world clearly needs, this new editorial-turned-art-film is a breath of fresh air.

“Far too often is the voice of the model silenced as the self is condensed into one-dimensionality,” Director Jon Jenkins says. “As the most superficial characteristics are held on a pedestal, the challenge comes to be able to genuinely express the personality and nuances that is you. Enfranchising that suppressed person, the film focuses on those real moments where people can feel like humans and not be fully encapsulated by this curated image that is often created by a team of professionals. ‘What Makes Me Different From Everybody Else’ transcends what a standard ‘Fashion Editorial’ should be.”

“What Makes Me Different From Everybody Else” features Maria Senko, Amelia Rami, David Yang, Keisuke Asano, and Brionka Halbert. Watch the full film above, premiering today exclusively on Milk.xyz.

An ANDRE BATO production, directed by Jon Jenkins

Director: Jon Jenkins
Color/Post: Craig Smith
Photographer: Lucas Cristino
Fashion Editor/Stylist: Brit Cato
Hair Stylist: KIYO Igarashi
Make-Up: Roberto Morelli

Stay tuned to Milk for more first looks.

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