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Premiere: "Worry" by Tiffany Baira & Alex Chapman

Alex Chapman is taking the role of songwriter to new heights with his “Written by Chapman” project, and what you’re about to listen to below is just the latest in a series of tracks that exemplify his lyrical mastery. “Worry”, sung by Tiffany Baira, produced by Vyle, and written by—you guessed it—Chapman, is the third in what is set to be the showcase of the summer (peep the first two songs, “There” and “Thank You“, on Interview Magazine and Office Magazine, respectively).

As an individual song, “Worry” already takes the cake with Chapman’s clever slash relatable lyricism (“I should be treated like royalty / at least with some loyalty”) and Baira’s hard-hitting execution of said lyrics. Aligned with the rest of the “Written by Chapman” series, this song is poised for greatness.

“It was so much fun collaborating with Alex,” says Baira. “The whole process was filled with good chemistry and it was easy to jump in and make the song a mixture of both visions.”

Listen to the brand new song below, premiering exclusively on

Featured image courtesy of Tiffany Baira

Stay tuned to Milk for more first listens. 

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