"I wanted to write about when you're head over heels in love and logic goes out the window."



Premiere: "Wreck" by Alex Chapman

Last month we premiered Alex Chapman’s “Worry” (written by Chapman himself and sung by the luminous Tiffany Baira) and if you thought the fun stopped there—think again. This morning, the latest installment of Chapman’s “Written by Chapman” project has come to fruition, and it’s a trio you won’t soon forget (namely, Chapman and two fellow Chicagoans, Keiya and Jeremiah Meece).

“Wreck” is about love, plain and simple; and the lyrics speak to a universal ailment (“I’m a wreck / when you don’t call me back” is something basically 100 percent of us can relate to, wholeheartedly). Brought to life by his partners in crime, Chapman’s lyrical mastery is once again put on display.

“Jeremiah and Keiya are two of the most talented people I know, so working with them on the same track is a dream come true,” says Chapman. “I wanted to write about when you’re head over heels in love and logic goes out the window. The combo of the playful production and Keiya’s smooth vocals really brings the idea to life.”

Brace yourself for a close-to-the-heart study on head-over-heals-love, and hear the track for yourself below, premiering exclusively on MILK.XYZ.

Featured image courtesy of Megan Walschlager

Stay tuned to Milk for more first listens. 

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