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Premiere: Julietta's Psychedelic AF "Beach Break" Vid

Upcoming breakout artist and all-around witchy singer Julietta stuns in the exclusive premiere of the music video for her new summer vibe dance track, “Beach Break”. Her style screams “I-dare-you-to-read-this-book-by-its-cover;” it’s irresistibly catchy and draws listeners in without fail. The psychedelic substance and dreamy textures captured in this stunning video feel youthful with a hint of experience; a girl willing to dance all alone because frankly, the beat is good and she doesn’t need anyone with her to have a good time.

Watch the Milk fam-approved video and read below for a brief sit down with the ever vibrant Julietta.

I’d like to start with your catchy af new single and hip, sort of psychedelic visual for “Beach Break”. Tell me more about the video being recorded in Nicaragua? How long were you there?

Yes, the creation of Beach Break was all in all one of the best experiences of my life. I was supposed to head down to Maderas alone for ten days to unwind. I knew they had a recording studio down there, but I’m not super tech savvy so I didn’t think I would be recording, but I definitely knew I would be doing a ton of writing. Before heading down to Nicaragua, I met this producer/musician named Jack Goodman. He mesmerized me with his raw tracks that were sitting and waiting for someone to write to them, and so I made him a little/big proposition. I asked him if in 5 days from that moment, he would come down to Maderas with me to work on those tracks. He was as confused as I was confident as to if this would work out, and if it was even a real thing. I insisted for the next couple of days, and blew up his phone with monkey and wave emoji’s – finally he gave into my plan, and met me there three days later. Jack was very excited to be out of his comfort zone, and I was ready to let go of the world we came from, and get lost in the jungle.

Along with a lot of other cool stuff Jack likes to bring along with him, he brought down his brother’s old VHS camera to take some footage. We had no idea it would end up being the main vein of a music video, also cause Beach Break wasn’t born yet. He just kept recording me and our surroundings at random times – when we would go into town to get all sweaty and dance, in the studio recording, in the yoga hut dancing, or at the beach messing around. When I got back to New York we decided to use those clips for the Beach Break music video. I wanted to mix it up with some other footage, so I rented a creepy AirBnB deep in Brooklyn where our friend and amazing videographer, Serena Reynolds, shot more footage of me dancing and painting myself with glow in the black light paint. I always wanted to pour paint on my body, so I thought that was a good excuse. Then Serena pieced everything together and that was how the music video was created :).

How would you describe the ideal vibe that one is supposed to get from this track and visual?

I think the ideal vibe is the ideal way that it was made. Fuck it, lets have fun and not overthink things. Let go of what others think and focus on what you believe.

Can you describe the essence or style of Julietta?

My style and essence… hard to describe. I would say unpredictable and mysterious, but also super forward and open. One second you think you know me, but then I pull some shit that you’re like wait what. I don’t like to be placed in categories and to have expectations. I usually am very open to showing myself and my energy to people, but then I also really love to hide away and disappear.

How do you dress onstage versus off? Do you dress for yourself or for others? Do you have a stylist?

The same. They are all my clothes and I dress myself!

Who are some your style icons and overall vibe influences?

My vibe would be if Audrey Hepburn and Banks merged into one, with a spice of neon, the ’70s, and a mischievous tone of pink.

What else is there for us to expect from Julietta in 2017?

We are working on finishing up some other tracks to release this year. I am so excited to get some new music out there, and play around the country. I’ve been writing with some really talented musicians and producers, its gonna be sick. We have a show coming up April 1st at Baby’s Alright in Williamsburg, opening up for The Middle Kids – love playing Beach Break live, it’s a great jam.

Featured image courtesy of Julietta

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