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Prince Instagrams Like Your Mom and It's Amazing

Welcome to the world of Princetagram, where doves cry on the regular and there’s plenty of reasons to stay shady. That’s what Prince is calling his new Instagram account, which launched four days ago and already has 88 posts. For those who haven’t seen the inside of a math book for a few years, that’s 22 posts a day, with a post happening almost every hour. In other words, that’s a fuck-ton of ‘gram time. Coming from the guy who’s known for finding increasingly interesting ways of hiding from the paparazzi and only discussing his life on his terms, this is basically an early Christmas present. Because while it is fabulous (what else would you expect?) it’s also the mom-est thing ever. As in, your mom after she discovers Instagram and becomes overwhelmed with supreme power. Need proof?

For one thing, he memes.

A photo posted by PRINCESTAGRAM (@prince) on

And just like your mother, he’s never satisfied–with just one.


A photo posted by PRINCESTAGRAM (@prince) on

He even puns like her.


A photo posted by PRINCESTAGRAM (@prince) on

He’s a firm believer in the all caps-caption revolution, particularly when people aren’t showing him the proper respect.


A photo posted by PRINCESTAGRAM (@prince) on

And he, too, has finally discovered the wonders of Pinterest level nail art

A photo posted by PRINCESTAGRAM (@prince) on

But if you need more proof, there’s also this:


A photo posted by PRINCESTAGRAM (@prince) on

AKA the exact face your mom makes when she brings up the, uh, interesting porn she found under your bed the other day and you try to tell her it’s not yours. At least, that’s the face our mom made at us.

But while his ‘gram is golden, we’d hate to put an artist as interesting and experimental as Prince in a box. Honestly, he doesn’t always act like your mom. Sometimes he’s more like your father…


A photo posted by PRINCESTAGRAM (@prince) on

…too bold.

In case you were wondering, our moms are already following him. Yes, all of them collectively.

Photos via Tumblr, USA Today, and Prince’s Instagram. 

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