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Psychedelic Pluto Makes All of Your Alien Rave Dreams Come True

Pluto has always been kinda lame. It’s cold, distant, and barren. Heck, it’s not even a planet—it’s kind of been just the loser asteroid who wanted to hang out with the cool kids. That is, until now.

NASA spacecraft New Horizons was launched nine years ago to document Pluto and its moon, and now the lonely little rock is finally getting its fifteen minutes. The images and videos that are now surfacing, as surely anyone will agree, have been well worth the wait. The latest image in particular, just released on NASA’s website and aptly titled “Psychedelic Pluto,” is totally tripping us out.

Unfortunately, this isn’t what Pluto actually looks like. It’s actually a false color image, and was created using what’s called “principal component analysis.” The differences in color are meant to illustrate the actual differences in reddish color on Pluto’s surface, which in reality are much more subtle. This is important, though, because until now Pluto had been thought to be drab and grey.

I guess we were just too quick to judge you, little guy. And sorry, Pluto, you’re still not a planet, but we guess you’re pretty cool.

Stay tuned to Milk, because we love trippy space pics.

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