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Public School Will Not Stand for the Administration's Bullshit [NYFW]

This weekend’s Public School show saw Milk’s Gallery space transformed into a labyrinthine canvas of neutral shades, one that was stippled with shoulder-to-shoulder spectators and painted red by a mockery of MAGA hats, a scarlet letter worn proudly as a statement against the Trump administration’s bullshit. This, of course, was the least of it, crescendoing alongside the equally powerful music choice — an abstract a cappella arrangement of “This Land is Your Land” enshrouding radio silence from an awestruck crowd, save for shutter clicks.

PSNY’s slogan has not only become synonymous with the brand itself, but has also taken on an entirely new meaning in light of the current political climate. “People need to step up. It’s a call to action. ‘We Need Leaders’ isn’t just about one person; it’s everybody,” says Maxwell Osborne, one half of the design duo. His counterpart Dao-Yi Chow chimes in: “It’s also looking at yourself in the mirror and challenging yourself to be uncomfortable. It’s challenging your ideas or your own privilege; you know, breaking yourself down and building yourself back up. It’s a challenge to ourselves, not just to the outside world…you gotta confront what’s happening in front of you. You can’t turn the other cheek. Your intent needs to match your actions.”

As for the looks…check them out for yourself in the slideshow above.

Images shot exclusively for Milk by Thuan Tran

Stay tuned to Milk for more anti-bullshit messages brought to you by our fave brands.

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