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Pyer Moss' Bernie Vs. Bernie Collection Is a Middle Finger to the System [NYFW]

The best part of Fashion Week are the extra special shows that leave you thinking for hours (or days) after they’re done, which is always the case with Pyer Moss. The middle of the floor was cleared for an extra spacious runway, which was set up with five cashier stations with a black woman behind each, their name tags reading “No Name,” “Anonymous, “No One,” and “Nobody.” Being politically vocal with his work is nothing new for designer Kerby Jean-Raymond, and his MADE New York SS17 collection was no exception.

“‘Bernie vs. Bernie’ is the title we came up with, ’cause we wanted two extremes of capitalism personified by two men, Bernie Sanders and Bernie Madoff,” said Jean-Raymond. “It’s autobiographical in a sense, since it’s talking about my year, which unfortunately has been filled with lawsuits and dumb shit like that. These idealists, you know, people like me who just want to make art, and then you end up facing the money men who want to strong arm you away from that…it’s really [about] understanding and honing in on the idea that we didn’t have the head start that everybody else has. We know we have to work ten times harder, and we as black people keep encountering the charlatans and consumerism and all these things that keep bogging us down to a point where we can’t reach that level playing field.” With another knockout show for Pyer Moss, it’s clear that people like Jean-Raymond will ensure that the conversation will keep going. The revolution might not be televised, but it’ll be part of fashion weeks to come.


Making a Statement…

The political climate wasn’t solely reserved for poetry and music. The clothes were a contemporary take on classic American preppy, with a leisurely and political twist. A few pieces had the word “GREED” emblazoned on them, while others featured photos of Bernie Madoff, accompanied by legal jargon. “This show was a ‘fuck you’ to them,” said Kerby. When I asked if the casting (which was comprised mostly of white, classically American looking models) was deliberate, he said, “the casting was definitely a decision on that. I wanted to keep it diverse, but at the same time I wanted to keep it true to the story.”

We Can’t Wait to Wear This…

While fighting the system, obviously. We’ll pull a fast one on them, a la Joanne the Scammer – dress the part and destroy it from the inside. Iconic!

We Spied…

A slew of musicians and athletes, most notably Rick Ross, Rich the Kid, and Austin Millz, the later of which was in charge of performing music throughout the entirety of the show. We also peeped Milk fam Shaun Ross killing it (as usual) as he walked the runway.

Fighting the System With Art…

Jean-Raymond’s political inclinations were as much a part of this show as his past ones. Poet Cyrus Aaron opened the show with a beautiful spoken word performance that covered the intricate relationship between racism, brutality, and economic disparity in the United States, while the cashiers sang a heart wrenching rendition of Mahalia Jackson’s “Trouble of the World” to close it.

Adding to Our Shopping List…
The denim quilted pants, the trench coat and purple leather biker hybrid, and the platform oxford shoes with blue soles that made us think of icebergs. A nod toward environmental destruction at the hands of greed? Very likely.

Photos by Andrew Boyle. Additional photos shot exclusively for Milk by Maya Fuhr.

Gif by Bonnie Wang.

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