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Q&AZN: Bread Face Sits Down With Banana Magazine

In celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, editors Kathleen Tso and Vicki Ho of Banana Magazine are taking over Milk with eight different features, highlighting some of their community’s best and brightest creatives. Next up? Bread Face.

Our girl crush began for Bread Face when we watched her smash her face into a crouton on Instagram. If you aren’t familiar with Bread Face or her work, she is an anonymous woman who lives in Brooklyn and is famous for what she can do with a croissant. With on point looks, Wong Kar-wai lighting, and performance art that was equal parts sensual and humorous, Bread Face has gained herself a cult following of over 200K on Instagram. We baked our way into her heart with a loaf of banana bread (co-founder Kathleen Tso’s mom’s recipe) three years ago and finally got to collaborate on a story in Issue 004. Bread Face stars and writes “In the Mood for Fried Chicken”, a love story to Asian fried chicken.

Read on for more about Bread Face and how heritage plays a part in her identity.

What is your heritage? 

Second generation Korean American.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now? 

I moved every five years but NYC is the place I’ve lived the longest so now it’s home.

Who is an APA creative that you look up to?

Ali Wong, Steven Yeun, Phil Chang, Jayne Min, Kathleen/Vicki just to name a few.

How has your heritage played a part in your passions and in your work? 

It gives me the balls to completely ignore, disregard and avoid working with anyone in the creative industry that typecasts or treats me like a stereotype. True creatives know that great ideas cut through everything and will always float to the top, so anyone that takes the liberty to assign meaning between my ethnicity and what I do is completely missing the point.

When was the first time you realized, through your career or your passions, you connected with your heritage and felt that sense of pride?

Stumbling into a community of other creative Asian Americans through Banana was truly the first time I felt a sense of pride. Here is a group of creative Asians that aren’t just blindly supporting each other because we’re Asian—we’re the shit. We understand each other because we’ve had the same bullshit work experiences so we all feel good about helping each other out. If one of us wins, we all win.

What are you gearing up for right now in your career? Plug in what you got going on right now!

I’d just like to continue leading my double life and being happy. In my career, I’d like more creative control and a new temporary home and as an artist—I’d like to write and direct more and work with other confident, nurturing creatives that just want to make some cool shit so HMU on Instagram!

Photography: Alex Lau

Food Styling: Tyna Hoang

Venue: Mood Ring

Stay tuned to Milk for more from Banana Magazine.

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