Crypt-couture has never looked this chic.



Queen of the Crypt: Designing for the Dead

Ever seen a look so gorgeous it made you just want to drop dead then and there? Well, Australian designer Pia Interlandi might just know a little something about that.

Interlandi is a designer whose creations cater to the dead. Struck by her interest in human biology and the transience between life and death, Interlandi’s deadly designs are dissolvable, combustible, and break down similarly to the way the human body breaks down after being buried. Made from natural fibers like cotton, linen, wool, or silk, her designs are all bio-degradable garments that are one-of-a-kind for each client.

According to an article published in ABC Australia, Interlandi was first initially drawn to her re-imagination of funeral fashion after a death in her family. “The reality of what we are when we die, or what we dress our dead in, became something I explored because of my grandfather,” she said. “I dressed him for his funeral and was amazingly affected in a positive way through this final act of caring for him, and doing that through dressing.”

Besides her crypt-couture creations, Interlandi also holds a PhD after developing her project, “[A]DressingDeath: Fashioning Garments for the Grave”, from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. She is now working in the UK with Clandon Wood Surrey Hills Natural Burial Reserve, a cemetery, before hopefully returning back to Australia to open her very own bespoke funeral practice and Natural Burial Ground in the future. So, if you’re ever in a bit of a morbid mood or in the market for some creepy-chic clothes or some decay-worthy designs, don’t forget to hit her up.

Image via The Age. 

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