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Queer Dance Party Protests McConnell's Health Care Repeal

In the wake of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s new tax cutting bill, DC’s LGBTQ community has taken it upon itself to protest in front the politician’s townhouse near Capitol Hill. The form of this protest? An angry, colorful dance party.

The so-called “healthcare bill” that was negotiated in secret by undoubtedly white, cisgender, male politicians, will strip at least 22 million people of health care, with the LGBTQ community being the most at risk. Naturally, around 50 members of the community paraded the streets to McConnell’s house in a Pride-fashion, dancing and singing away their anger and fear.

The event was an odd yet beautiful and inspiring amalgam of a party and a rally, with people simultaneously holding dripping red “Shame” posters and throwing Pride-colored confetti. The aim of protesting with life and color was to “show with our bodies, with our voices, with our rad dance moves that this is an issue that is important to LGBT Americans and it is important to everyone,” Rebecca Kling of the National Center for Transgender Equality told City Paper.

Source: City Paper

Images via City Paper

Stay tuned to Milk for the latest on LGBTQ and healthcare rights.

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