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Runway Rundown: Sandy Liang Gets Scrambled

Add up all the “It” Girls in the world, divide by cropped flared pants, subtract your Instagram account, and what do you get? Sandy Liang, of course. All warm and cozy, the Sandy Liang girl will do the door and model your lookbook with the tousled, nonchalant air of Kim Kardashian hiring a body double to try on her clothes because she’s too lazy. For her MADE Fashion Week Fall/Winter ’16 presentation today, which took place at The Standard, Liang swathed her models in her signature colorful and beautifully shaggy coats, and then sprinkled the room with some casual baby’s breath, swanky leather and velvet furniture, and a disco ball for good measure. She added some notably new elements to her repertoire too, namely a lot more clothes and puffer coats. Check out the highlights below.

The Takeaway…

Like Little House on the Prairie meets Abbey Lee—if the little house on the prairie was actually a really big, ritzy, mostly glass building in the Meatpacking District called The Standard (which it was, obvs).

We Spied…

These extremely cute suede mules in a burnt-orange-meets-clay-tennis-court shade, with a little pocket of white fur on the inside.

Adding to Our Shopping List…

Those furry shoes, which give the Gucci kangaroo loafers a run for their money. Also the shiny black motorcycle jacket with blue shearling interior—like a tamed down version of the much shaggier iteration Sandy made for her Fall/Winter ’15 collection.

We Can’t wait to Wear This…

Next fall! When it’s just beginning to get nippy and we aren’t entirely demystified by the cold yet. Perhaps even to a flea market—if only to mildly torture others into thinking it’s a flea market find.

It’s in the Details…

The little bits of ruffles and bows left me smitten. As did the styling, which I imagine was responsible for the hiking style boots and the white ruffled socks peeking out from the top.

GIF art by Kathryn Chadason.

For more Sandy Liang, check out our Runway Recap.

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