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Rare, Raunchy 'Rocky Horror' Polaroids Found On Subway

There is no limit to the amount of weird shit you can find in New York’s subway system. From a cig-smoking shark to a pizza-eating rat, the treasures buried in the dank, smelly corners of the NYC subway system are innumerable. But since such “treasures” typically elicit an “ew, gross,” it’s generally a good idea to leave them where you found them. Unless it’s money, of course, or priceless behind-the-scenes Polaroids from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

We’re into a time slip!

It might sound unlikely, but that’s exactly what happened to Brady Marter when he found these historic Polaroids on a C train platform in TriBeCa, and understandably could not keep the discovery to himself. After posting the pictures to the Collector’s Weekly website, he was promptly contacted by the collector who’d accidentally dropped them. Marter, upstanding guy that he is, returned his finds to their original owner, but was allowed to keep one as a thank you. And they say New Yorkers aren’t sweethearts.

Vintage Rocky, no A$AP

Looking at these photos, these trashy-glam moments frozen—or warped—in time, is like remembering a party you wish you’d been invited to. Shots of the set, of Tim Curry as he tries on his Frank-N-Furter costume, and of various behind-the-scenes antics of the cast and crew are like windows into our wildest dreams—and proof that making the movie was definitely as fun as watching it. For, you know, the 50th time.

Wait, sorry. These are actually pics from last year’s Halloween party.

These photographs and more are featured in the Rocky Horror Scrapbook, an even greater compilation of candid snapshots from the set of the cult classic. The book is pretty rare, and some copies are currently being sold online for almost $500. But thanks to Brady Marter, the internet, and sheer luck, these beauties are now available for everyone to see.

Images via Dangerous Minds.

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