Meet pokexfashion, the Tumblr that places your favorite Pokémon where they rightfully belong: in high fashion campaigns.



Rattata + Other Pokémon Star in Your Favorite Fashion Ads

Lately, walking down the street without having to abruptly stop short for someone deeply immersed in Pokémon Go, feet planted into the concrete and eyebrows knitted, is rare. Pokémon seem to be everywhere, and the devoted players are catching them all—in parks, at the entrances to their local subway station, and if they’re lucky, in their very own home! And now, they can be spotted in high fashion campaigns.

Don’t ring the alarms just yet. Fashion houses have not officially collaborated with the cute critters, but there is a Tumblr dedicated to the merging of high fashion and Pokémon. Dubbed pokexfashion, the page was created in 2011 by Francis Phommisai, who apparently works as a merchandiser for Zara. And though he hasn’t uploaded a new picture to the site since late 2015, given the astronomical resurgence that Pokémon is currently seeing—and in all industries too!—his work has resurfaced as completely and irrepressibly relevant.

vera wang
Vera Wang’s SS13 campaign is revamped with the sneaky addition of imaginary woodland creatures!

And with good reason; some of these Pokémon-fashion ad parings are truly (to steal a term from the industry) iconic. Munchlax kicks back and enthusiastically plays Nintendo with a bored Adriana Lima and other Balmain models in the label’s SS15 campaign. Minccino and Cinccino prove to be great and rather adorable models in Prada‘s SS15 campaign. And even Cara Delevingne is ready to box it out with Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan, and Tyrogue in Chanel’s FW14 campaign.

Where does fashion end and Pokémon begin?

As he writes in pokexfashion’s brief description, Phommisai’s whimsical works are like a collision of his two worlds. Not to mention the result of some seriously brilliant matchmaking skills. So if you have any desire to head on over and take a gander, you better start cracking. There are 56 glorious pages of this goodness.

Stay tuned to Milk for more (faux) Poké collaborations.

Photos via pokexfashion.

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