For those of you who are blazing up today (and even if you aren't) check out our 4/20 playlist below, courtesy of reggae artist Protoje.



Reggae Artist Protoje Brings You The Perfect 4/20 Playlist [Exclusive]

Ah, 4/20. It’s a national holiday, right? Well, in any case, we’re celebrating. It kind of seems like all of New York is; there’s a massive statue of a water pipe right by the Milk Studios Chelsea offices, in honor of the premiere of Broad City star Ilana Glazer’s new show, Time Traveling Bong (which is exactly what it sounds like). We expect a hazy day.

Glorious 4/20 came to be via a teen gang of stoners called “The Waldos,” who grew up in Northern California in the 1970s. They used “420” as a code to hide marijuana use from their parents. Somehow it spread like a California wildfire, and now stoners treat April 20th as a day to celebrate all things ganja. Someone from your hometown has also likely taken to Facebook today to inform you that it is indeed Hitler’s birthday, which is true, but far less important than this highest of high holy days

No matter the date, smoking always requires a solid soundtrack, so we’re giving you a good one. Protoje, a Jamaican artist who is one of only two reggae musicians to take the stage at Coachella, did us the honor of making the perfect playlist to smoke to.

“These songs, though not all about marijuana specifically, match perfectly for me when blazing,” he said. “Key to setting the mood. Light one up and press play.” Protoje’s own joyful, lovely songs are also perfect for such an occasion—although ironically, the one included here is titled “This Is Not A Marijuana Song” (it’s still very pro-ganj).

Featuring artists like A$AP RockyTupac, Rick James, and even The Black Keys, Milk’s 4/20 playlist is smooth and blissed out, but not too chill—we don’t want you to accidentally fall asleep. Check it out.

Protoje will be performing at Coachella again for weekend two, and will be releasing new tour dates after the festival. 

Stay tuned to Milk for more 4/20 celebration.

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