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1/15 — Colin Gray: Just a fun little collage of Ms Kloss. The stars are earrings made for the show, and the dots in the very back are from one of the skirts.



Relive Fashion Week With Our Favorite Tumblr Bloggers

Tumblr, the Internet’s St. Mark’s Place—if St. Mark’s wasn’t inhabited by drunk NYU students, but instead artsy, occasionally emo BAMFs who can’t even. Unless it involves anything remotely related to Lana Del Rey, in which case they can. They can and they will.

If you’ve ever wondered who the geniuses are behind the Internet’s golden child, look no further. The Tumblr team was kind enough to lend us an inside look into NYFW through the lens of some of their finest photographers and artists. And since today marks the last day of the fashionable and slightly barbaric week, we thought there was no better time to showcase their work. Without further ado, meet Sheena She, Colin Gray, Brian Vu, Samantha Shannon, and Katie Thompson.

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