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Relive Kate's Halloween Rager w/ These exclusive photos

If there’s one thing that can guarantee a good night, it’s a bus that fits up to 75 people, and that’s exactly how Kate—comprised of DJ duo and creative collaborators Eric Lawrence and Nick Hadad—started off their Halloween eve. As is typical of most buses, this one was but a vehicle to the night’s main event: Ghouly Kate, a party sponsored by Milk.xyz (re: us), organized by Hadad and Lawrence, and held at Ceremony—a new, pretty poppin’ spot brought to you by the same people behind Home Sweet Home. Kate provided the soundtrack—with the help of guest sets by Walter Pearce and DJ Christen—and the massive bat ice luge, the entertainment. Among those in attendance was Milk fav Sarah Snyder and Ellis Clare—and from the looks of it, the party did not disappoint.

Above, check out Lawrence’s sweet photo diary to see what went down Sunday night at Ghouly Kate while you were fast asleep.

All photos taken exclusively for Milk by Eric Lawrence.

Ceremony is located at 224 Manhattan Ave, and we highly recommend checking it out. 

Stay tuned to Milk for more tantalizing photo diaries. 

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