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1/18 — The girl on the left is Taylor (Ford Models). The photo on the right is from a Mexican place a step above chipotle. It was before the VFiles show; we were all just eating there and going savage on these bowls.



Relive NYFW Through The Lens of Nick Hadad

During NYFW, we were lucky enough to enlist Nick Hadad to shoot an exclusive photo diary for us. And to be honest, we couldn’t have found a more willing, talented, and unlikely-to-be-denied-anywhere participant. Hadad, you see, is as integral to the New York City, downtown, club kid scene as cigarettes and ironic knee tattoos. Not to mention the fact that he’s a model and an extremely gifted photographer. For this particular series, he not only snapped a panoply of titillating photos, but he also edited them and collaged them into unique and highly visceral images. “For people who aren’t in [fashion week], they don’t understand how fast it goes and how hectic it is,” he told us. And so, in his distorted, cut-and-paste, amply saturated images, he attempted to replicate the frenzied and feverish current that runs through fashion week.

Below, find a brief introduction, penned by Hadad himself—and then check out all of his photos above, complete with uninhibited commentary.

The most critical week in the industry has finally come to a close. Yet while designers lay lifeless in a pool of their own sweat, like mothers post labor, I luckily made it out alive. With camera in tow, I waded through the hungry swarm of social media piranha and hype martyrs—and now I come to deliver the news…

…that there is no news. Fashion is completely subjective and makes no sense. So through the valley of variables and infinite “what the fucks?” I bring you this photo diary that will hopefully help you make sense of all the action during NYFW SS17.

Stay tuned to Milk for more tantalizing photo diaries. 

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