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Relive SXSW With A Photo Diary From New York Band ASTR

South by Southwest may be over, but it’s not forgotten. The major music and film festival is always a highlight, filled with great shows and panels and loads of beer and BBQ (shoutout to Austin). If you weren’t able to make it to SXSW, we empathize–we were stuck in New York, craving Texan fun in the sun. But you now you can pretend you were there with the help of ASTR, one of our very favorite bands. Check out this photo diary for a glimpse of bandmates Adam Pallin and Zoe Silverman’s glorious time at the festival, and read on for their take on one of the biggest events of the year.

Adam: I think every year SXSW and St. Patrick’s Day overlap. At least it did this year, which is always a scary thing. Because all the wild mothafuckas come out for the rage. But it was alright—it actually felt kinda quiet this year. Most of our friends that have done it two or three years in a row are like “Okay, we need to chill for a second.” Cause it is so draining.

Zoe: SXSW was fully insane. Just chaos constantly. It was really fun though. The first day was our Rae Sremmurd hype-up, which was super organic. Basically we just had press all day long, every day. We were running around to interviews and we happened to go to the Facebook offices, and we met Rae Sremmurd in the office. And we had done a cover of their song—it was more of a remix kind of vibe. We played it for [Khalif Brown of Rae Sremmurd], because it was the first time we’d actually met him, and we got along really well with him in the elevator walking down. Then we started playing music on the street, and it fully turned into a dance break-off. Everyone on the street was kind of getting involved, and a whole audience formed. It was pretty wild. Our first show was also that night at 1AM or whatever, and it was pretty turned up.

I think the second day was chill, cause we didn’t have shows, so we got to go around to a lot more stuff. We hung out with our 300 Entertainment family, our record label. We went to go see Young Thug and got to meet him for the first time, so that was pretty cool. He performed at the Calvin Klein X Urban Outfitters party. We also met Kill J at a MAC party. I really feel her. She’s an electronic singer that’s pretty dope. And then the Apple Music party was that night, which was fully amazing. There’s little hot tubs, amazing drinks, and just a beautiful atmosphere. When you’re in the chaos of SXSW, it’s just nice to go somewhere and just talk in a cool area.

We had two shows on the third day, so it was more of like a hustling around kind of day. We played StubHub, and I think that was my favorite show of the week. It went really, really, really fast, and I wasn’t drinking at all. And Adam was having a good old time, so he did the drinking for me! But I definitely still feel like I had a work hangover.

Adam: I had fun the days we didn’t have any shows. I went out and I had fun. I partied, alright? I schmoozed with Young Thug about his glasses, cause I wear glasses, but I don’t have lenses for my glasses. He gave me his support. He let me know that the streets are backing what I’m doing, and that I respect him and his style, so we had a special moment. And I also was feeling loose enough to tell Zane Lowe that I think his career is going down the tubes. But I was joking!

Zoe: I really hope he got that joke.

Stay tuned to Milk for more photo diaries from our fav humans.

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