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Relive The Best of The Early 2000s With Madge

It’s the year 2000: you’ve got platform flip flops, frosted tips, and about 50 snap bracelets on each wrist. No Doubt is pumping out chart-topping singles and Gwen Stefani is a ~vibe~. Time travel still isn’t a thing, but if it were, you know exactly where we’d be.

For now, Madge is here with the next best thing: a brand-new EP covering some of the greatest hits from the early aughts. …Is Just A Girl! taps into the magic of No Doubt with—you guessed it—”Just A Girl”, then swings over to a couple of Death Cab for Cutie tracks, Sum 41, and our favorite Weezer banger, “Beverly Hills”. And Madge puts her own spin on these tracks, too; they’re not just straight-up covers, but rather, a fresh 2019 take on what once was.

“I think we actually need to question some of the toxic boy / girl power rhetoric from this era. Everything was so binary! And not very inclusive. I love messing with both the femininity and the masculinity that these tracks present.”

The selection of songs was clearly deliberate; these are tracks that bring back ALL the feels.

“My earliest memories of pop music and songs that really shaped my current taste. I grew up listening to mostly classical music so pop music was always a guilty pleasure. Pop punk especially. So many feelings!”

Lastly! We obviously had to do some early 2000s hot takes with Madge in order to properly celebrate:

    • Favorite early 2000s band? Death Cab for Cutie
    • Best early 2000s song? “A Favor House Atlantic”
    • Most iconic early 2000s fashion trend? Hair highlights! (And lowlights lol…)
    • Favorite early 2000s meme? Anything with shaved-head Britney…
    • Favorite early 2000s movie? Mean Girls (DUHHHHH)

Listen to …Is Just A Girl! from Madge below.

Images courtesy of Ryan Saradjola

Stay tuned to Milk for more first listens.

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