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Remembering Genius Architect Zaha Hadid

Yesterday we lost the amazing Dame Zaha Hadid. The groundbreaking architect graced the world with remarkable breakthroughs—not just for architecture and for female architects everywhere. She dominated a field heavily populated by men, and became the first woman to win the venerable Pritzker Architecture prize. And the profession is the better for it. To celebrate her beautiful work, for which she will always be remembered, we give you some of our most favorite Hadid creations:

Heydar Aliyev Center

It’s wild to believe that this building is actually real, and not straight out of The Jetsons. Located in Azerbaijan, a transcontinental country straddling Asia and Europe, the building has been around for almost four years. Yet despite being built in the city of Baku relatively recently, the building is considered to be the city’s signature landmark. It even won Hadid Design Museum‘s Design of the Year Award in 2014, making her the first woman ever to receive the first place prize. You go, Zaha! 

aquila style
Some IRL ’60s cartoon business right here.

Guangzhou Opera House

For an Opera House that looks like a geometric iceberg, it seems pretty apt to build it alongside a little body of water. The interior is equally as beautiful as the exterior, speckled with little lights that resemble a star-filled sky—a star-filled sky, that is, inside of a conch shell (there’s just no other way to describe it). This building was born of a blueprint that Hadid created for an architectural competition between Zaha Hadid, architectural design firm Coop Himmelb(l)au, and Rem Koolhaas. Naturally, girl power prevailed and Hadid won. Simply put, The Guardian said the building is “at once highly theatrical and insistently subtle.” We couldn’t agree more. 

new york times
Basically a geometric iceberg, are we right or are we right?

Glasgow Riverside Museum

We love how the front of this transportation museum looks like a cutting-edge heart monitor. From an aerial view, it looks like a warped L-shape—a motif frequently found in Hadid’s curved, architectural style. The inside is relatively empty and unadorned, save for the tubed, neon lights lining the ceilings that help showcase vehicles inside. Located in Glasgow, Scotland, it opened in 2013 and went on to win the European Museum of the Year Award a day after opening to the public. Basically, anything Hadid touches turns to gold.

this heart monitor-like building gets our heart rate up
This heart monitor-looking building gets our heart rates up.

Nordpark Railway Station

This Hadid creation, found in Innsbruck, Austria, looks like one of three things: an arctic alien mothership, a warped igloo, or a Mondrian devoid of all color. Turns out it’s actually just a train station, but that’s cool too. By creating a fluid, contoured structure, Hadid intended to reflect the “movement and circulation” common to train stations. She also wanted to incorporate the station’s snowy surroundings. If only the New York City subway stations could be as cool as this one. 

Coolest train station ever, both literally and figuratively.

The High Line Residential Building

Hadid said that she had always been fascinated by the High Line and wanted to find a way to build around it. And so she did exactly that, and built a beautiful 11-story building made out of glass and steel. Even though there’s already an abundance of modern architecture around the High Line, Hadid’s manages to stand out among the rest.  The New York Times described the building as “striking a balance between fractured traditional building forms and Ms. Hadid’s trademark voluptuous curves.” And good news! If you have five to 50 million dollars to spare, you can call this building home. 

It's in New York and you can live in it!
Feels like home to me.

Photos via Aquila Style, New York Times, Glassolutions, Mapolis, and Inhabit.

Stay tuned to Milk for more artists worth celebrating. 

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