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Reset & Refresh Your Beauty Routine

Spring isn’t far off and for New Yorkers (like myself), we couldn’t be more excited. Truly, you can see the gray of winter shaking off of everyone’s shoulders and people coming back to life. With that in mind, wellness moves from the back seat to the front.

Wellness has always been present but now more than ever, celebs, influencers, and brands are taking notice, making changes and letting you know about it. Brands are being more conscious and vocal about what ingredients they include in their products and choose to market.

Nowadays, there are products dropping everyday. Sometimes it can be hard to keep up. Not to worry, I am here to clear the air!

Below is a list of products to help you along the way to achieve the best you, you can be:


CoverFxCoverFX came out with five new primers and they are all bangers TBH. If you struggle with your makeup sliding all over the place due to oily skin, their Gripping Primer is going to become your best friend. If large pores are your issue, the blurring primer will create a smooth base for foundation application. For those that are hydration hungry, CoverFx’s Water Cloud and Dewy (my personal favorite) primers create a healthy, hydrated look and feel to the skin prior to makeup. Lastly, for oily skin their mattifying primer will absorb any excess oil that tries to creep its way up into your life throughout the day.

FluffFluff is the new indie brand attempting to poke a hole in the age old beauty standards that tell you that every new product will make you better, prettier, and more youthful every two weeks. This is precisely why founder, Erika Geraerts, named the brand Fluffbecause truly all beauty products are just fluff. You are still the same, beautiful you, no matter what products you use. But this bronzer… Let me just say, this is the most luxe beauty product that I have had the honor to hold in my hand and use! Crafted from super reflective, weighted metal, it slides open like a Swiss army knife. Their mantra is that the world doesn’t need more makeup, but better makeup. This product’s formula is considered clean which is personal standard in my beauty must-haves these days. Fluff is formulated without toxic chemicals or palm oil and is vegan. At the moment, you can purchase the bronzer on its own, or cop the duo, which would include a kabuki brush.

Keep your eyes on them as they are working on developing deeper shades and refillable packaging!

BeautyCounterIf you are looking for your Clean Beauty fix that packs a pigment punch, look no further. BeautyCounter was created by Gregg, the founder and most importantly a mom, when she was appalled by the ingredients in the products she was using on herself and her children. It’s now a staple in my beauty kit. The smart yet minimal packaging, ingredient information, and pigment load could make anyone want to throw out all their other makeup. Also, all bronzer and eyeshadow palettes have magnetic mirrors that are removable.

ILIA BeautyTrue Skin Serum Foundationthis clean beauty mixture of skincare and makeup is a hit when it comes to coverage and radiance. The medium yet buildable formula lays beautifully on the skin to bring out your skin’s natural radiance while still providing coverage where needed. This foundation has made me stop using all other previous foundations… true story!


Summer FridaysA replenishing mask just dropped to make your skin feel like a bed of roses (and smell like one too). This rose powder abundant mask is the latest launch from Summer Fridays and the answer to our winter skin blues. The new R + R Mask is a natural oil-enriched polishing mask that will mop away yesterday’s dead skin cells to reveal soft and luminous skin.

African BotanicsThis brand and their products blew me away. LA-based African Botanics harnesses the power from indigenous plants from the heart of South Africa. The bespoke formulas utilize unique ingredients have such luxe textures. The scene stealer for me is the Resurrection Eye Creme: this creme is packed with advanced wrinkle minimizing technology, which is extracted from rare African plants and antioxidant active molecules. This will renew skin cells, boost collagen and elastin production, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while restoring youthful looking skin in your eye area.

Glow RecipeThe Avocado Sleeping Mask has quickly become one of my nightly go-to’s when I need a extra boost of hydration. This avocado and manuka honey-packed sleeping mask softens, soothes, and calms your overactive and angry skin. This is the perfect last step in your routine when you want to ensure your skin is nourished and ready for a new day when you wake up.

Allies of SkinSingapore-based Allies of Skin spares no expense when it comes to ingredients and I am so thankful! TBH, I love all of their products but there were a few standouts that showed me their skills amongst the rest. I fell in love with the Triple Hyaluronic Antioxidant Hydration Serum for so many reasons. The brand prides itself on three main pillars: effortlessness, speed, and efficacy. This serum does far more than just moisturize your skin; it also infuses your skin with concentrated moisture, preventing the breakdown of natural hyaluronic acid from happening while also stimulating collagen production, strengthening skin’s barrier and brightening. I mean.. Need I say more? Run don’t walk to grab yourself some!

Other products that I thought were brilliant are the Sleeping Facial, which does exactly as the name suggests—it’s a hydrating chemical peel targets fine lines, hyperpigmentation, breakouts, enlarged pores, and sun damage overnight so you wake up looking fresh.


The Beauty Chef: PrebioticsThis combo has been a game changer for me. The Skin Renewal Kit has not only supported my gut but it has shown its skin illuminating, hair ,and nail growth powers over the last few months of everyday use. I am someone whose nails would never grow and if they did they would snap off once any length took shape. I have naturally oily skin, and while I am grateful for it because it will keep my skin looking youthful it is a telltale sign that your skin is dehydrated. I have noticed that my skin is significantly more hydrated internally and radiant since using this product. 

MyroMyro’s goal was to make a product that not only smelled and looked good but was also good for the environment. The balance of the purest ingredients and highest standards of keeping the b.s. out and off your skin is something they are very proud of. The refillable deodorant uses 50 percent less plastic than regular deodorants and also includes plane-friendly pods which is the only part of the component that needs to recycled when finished. The process to get one of these is simple because it’s a subscription-based system, which I personally love because your fresh new pod refills are delivered to your door. You simply choose the case color your prefer and the scent that tickles your fancy the most and then in a week or less, boom! it’s at your door and your underarms will not thank you enough, trust me. I am a sweater and this helps combat the smell so well!

LARQTruly this is one of the best wellness/tech items that I have stumbled upon in the last few months. The LARQ water bottles is the World’s First Self-Cleaning Water Bottle and Water purification system. The technology is advanced but using it is so easy! It uses a patented UV-C technology to clean and purify your water with just a touch of a button. The bottle turns on every two hours to purify your water and bottle all on its own so you are left to worry about other important tasks.


BriogeoThis brand has been popping up all over social and in online hair tutorials for good reason. This POC-led brand can be found at Sephora and their formulas pack a punch! The brand has a wide variety of products for all different hair types—straight, wavy, curly, coiled, dry, and damaged. One of my many favorites is the Be Gentle, Be Kind avocado + quinoa co-wash. It is formulated without any silicones, sulfates or parabens and its main ingredients are avocado oil, shea butter, and quinoa extract. Co-wash is a way of washing that is coveted amongst the natural hair community as a means of cleansing without over drying your hair with stripping shampoos. The best thing about this product is that it’s a one-stop-shop for cleansing, conditioning, detangling, and nourishing all in one bottle. This has become a holy grail!

Wellness should be an explorative journey, not a race. No one is perfect and thank goodness for that. We will all experience peaks and valleys in our wellness adventure but I think it’s all about staying open. Now more than ever is the perfect time to find what you feel will benefit you the most, and test and try since we have such an excess of products at our fingertips. I hope this list helps you along your path to discovery!

Stay tuned to Milk for more from our beauty guru.

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