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Resurrect Your Summer Glow With These Winter Superfoods

The countdown to summer has begun: we’ve got just 106 days to break free from winter’s grasp, leave spring’s elusive warmth behind, and dive headfirst (literally, where’s the nearest pool?) into our favorite season. With a complexion that’s dying to see the light of day and an insatiable craving for outdoor dinner parties at dusk, preparation of the beauty variety seems necessary (read: essential!). So, in the spirit of good health (and luminous skin), peep our superfood roundup below—and yes, you still have to wear sunscreen.

PomegranatesFor the long-awaited return of your rosy glow. These fruits are packed with antioxidants that help regulate your skin’s blood flow, i.e., the best natural blush on the market. Plus, rub it straight on your skin to help smooth and moisturize.

ChocolateThis one’s a twofer: give into those sweet tooth cravings (you know you want to) and look luminous while doing it. The catch? Everything in moderation! Just a few squares a day is all it takes to get firmer, glowing skin.

WalnutsPacked with omega-3 fatty acids, these little guys can do a whole lot for your skins firmness and softness: just munch on a handful a day to improve your skin’s texture.

Sunflower SeedsSunshine is making a serious comeback (finally!) and there’s no time like the present to start protecting your skin from its rays. Sensitive or not, your face will love these vitamin-E rich seeds for their protection. Plus, rub them straight on your skin to fight dryness at its source.

SoyBalance your skin tone three times a day by adding this guy to your diet. Can’t stomach the soy? Find a product that includes it, instead. Soy will give you that clear, fresh completion you’ll be chasing all summer long.

Images via The Every Girl, Blog Nutrisi, Organic Facts, Resveralife, DIY Health Remedy, and Agita Ih; lead graphic by Jordan Levinson

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