Atlanta rapper Rich The Kid was awed by the sword fighting at Gentle Monster's NYFW show, and he has a secret campaign cooking. We caught up at Pyer Moss SS17.



Rich The Kid Is A Big Fan Of Sword Fighting [NYFW]

We were pumped to see Rich The Kid at Pyer Moss’ SS17 presentation at MADE New York. He was even more pumped to have seen the sword fighting at Gentle Monster’s show last night. Decked out with a plethora of glistening chains, the artist and producer is hyped to be at Fashion Week, but that doesn’t mean his work gets put on hold. The 24-year-old Atlanta rapper (who frequently collaborates with Migos, and, as of late, Milk fave Jaden Smith) has a secret gem in the works… and he’s still managed to make appearances at shows in between. An obscenely prolific artist, Rich is impeccably dressed and has worked with everyone in the game. We obviously had to grab him for a hot minute.  

So how’s your Fashion Week going so far?

It’s going great! It’s just that I wish I could tell you what we just did but I can’t even tell you!

What did you just do?

We did a crazy shoot for somebody crazy, when it comes out y’all gonna see!

Can you tell me more? Is it a campaign?

It’s a crazy campaign! It’s part of big fashion, it’s top fashion really. Y’all gonna go see us in the campaign, y’all look out for it, Rich the Kid, J $tash, Rich Forever.

What have you been doing this week? Have you been going to a lot of shows?

Yeah, I’ve been going to a lot a lot of shows. I was here at another show here yesterday.

What’d you go to?

Sword, that was fire

Oh, Gentle Monster!

Gentle Monster was fire, fire. Actually some of the people that were fighting were fans of my music, so it was great, it was amazing, it was an amazing experience to be there.

Have you ever done sword fighting?

Sword fighting, no. No, never. But I would try it, I would try it.

And what do you like about Pyer Moss? What brings you here?

I just love the whole vibe, the whole feel, the whole thing. It’s just amazing.

Stay tuned to Milk for more hot minutes, and read our past installments here.

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