Rihanna celebrated 4/20 with the release of her video for "Needed Me." Directed by Harmony Korine and stolen from our dreams, it's like the Spring Breakers sequel we always wanted.



Rihanna Celebrates 4/20 With New Harmony Korine-Directed Video

The Ganja Goddess has struck again. Rihanna brought down a gift from the high heavens today in the form of a new video, and it’s exactly what we needed while we sit slumped in our chairs, feebly ordering Seamless. Now that she’s spent more weeks at the top of the charts than The Beatles, we had a feeling she’d be celebrating—especially given her affinity for marijuana. What we weren’t expecting was to get not only a new video for “Needed Me,” but to have the video be directed by Harmony Fucking Korine. This was like getting an ounce for the price of an eighth. RiRi may be the kush queen, but Korine is no stranger to the green, either, so their matchup is straight from stoner heaven. His most famous films, Spring Breakers and Kids, practically come with a slapped-on sticker announcing what strain to smoke before watching.

Of course, we’ve already been in a sativa-induced haze of anticipation at the office for weeks ever since images surfaced of Rihanna draped in a sheer dress with a gun in hand. We already tried recreating it with a sheet a paper towel roll as “Needed Me” blasted, but that only ended with a noise complaint and a few terrified roommates. After Rihanna announced that the video would be dropping at noon today, we couldn’t help but daydream about the queen strutting around on five-inch stilettos with a blunt in her hand, dropping the video into our eager hands and open hearts. And now that it’s hear, we predict that the Korine-directed epic will become the visual anthem to today’s national holiday.

If you took the white people and tank tops out of Spring Breakers and added Rihanna and more guns than an NRA convention, you’d be close to explaining what just happened in the video. Korine went down to the crazy world of South Florida yet again to scrape at the seedy underbelly of meth-mouthed ganglords, including enough strippers to make Zola blush. While you hold tight to whatever you’ve been smoking out of today, sit back and enjoy the sight of Rihanna walking in slow motion while you contemplate whether it’d be a good idea to get leopard print ass tattoos. Your family may disown you, but at least you’d have a bright future at a Florida gentleman’s club. Queen RiRi, we salute you and your unwavering commitment to being the baddest bitch of the day.

Images via Rihanna. 

Stay tuned to Milk for more leafy greens. 

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