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Rihanna Designs Denim For Manolo Blahnik, Relive Her Iconic Jean Looks

Rihanna is cheating on Puma–but we totally approve. The Barbadian goddess has collaborated with Sex and the City staple and iconic footwear designer Manolo Blahnik to create a limited edition capsule collection, and it is truly one for the ages.

The six-pair collection is entitled “Denim Desserts,” and it’s inspired by leather motifs. Just kidding. Each pair, ranging from thigh-high boots to simple strap heels, has denim influences, and is embroidered with designs inspired by Rihanna’s tattoos. The collection combines Riri’s innovative fashion sensibilities with Blahnik’s signature styles, making for a true meeting of two great minds.

The collection will be released on May 5th, but unless you live near the Blahnik boutiques in New York, London, or Hong Kong, you’re screwed. You probably wouldn’t have been able to afford them anyways, considering the cheapest pair goes for a modest $895. But in order to minimize our FOMO, we curated Rihanna’s five best denim looks for you to fawn over.

We would give up our first-born for these babies.

The Denim Overcoat

Wearing a bigass denim overcoat would make us look like a blue Oompa Loompa. But Rihanna just plops it over whatever outfit she wears, and it works perfectly, because she is Rihanna. She’s rocked this coat, designed by Parsons graduate Matthew Adams Dolan, twice, which is a lifetime in the celebrity fashion scene. She also wore a similar coat designed by Dolan on the cover of i-D. What a generous supporter of new young designers.

Why do we even bother?
Why do we even bother?

The Denim Schoolgirl Uniform

Why weren’t our high school uniforms as chic as this? We almost confused Rihanna with a fashion-forward USC student. She tucked this denim Chanel button-up into a perfectly fitted ripped denim skirt by Frame, and completed the look with a matching blue-colored clutch. Rihzus just casually walked along Rodeo Drive in triple denim back in 2013, while we’re still trying to pull off double denim without looking like a ditz. Life is unfair. But at least Rih blesses us with new looks on the daily.

Our first day outfits don't even compare.
Our first day outfits don’t even compare.

The Denim Jumpsuit

When we rock oversized denim overalls from Topshop, we just look like painters. But Rihanna is different. And although this piece is from her 2012 Armani collaboration, the fact that she somehow looks chic and professional in an all denim jumpsuit is still astounding. Tailoring really does make a difference.

What can't she pull off?
What can’t she pull off?


RiRi fulfills our denim fantasies with her look from in the FourFiveSeconds music video slash Gap commercial. She stole (ok, borrowed) Kanye’s vintage Sean Jean denim jacket and cinched it with a black leather belt, contrasting it with a pair of light, loose-fitting jeans. The one sleeve sliding off her shoulder is now one of her most iconic images. Revisit the vid below, where she graciously shares the spotlight with a couple of fans.

The Denim Crop Top

Rihanna filmed her “We Found Love” video back in the heyday of 2011 in this infamous Jeremy Scott get-up, complete with black stockings, a bandana, and some wild creepers. But that’s not what we’re focusing on. Just look at her middle fingers. Iconic.

We all wish we could be like this and act like it is normal.
We all wish we could be like this, all the time.

Images via Vogue, I-D, Glamour, Forbes, and Digital Spy

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