On Bastille Day, another horrific terrorist attack struck France. With over 80 confirmed dead, creatives across the world are speaking out with shock and sadness.



Rihanna, Dev Hynes + More Creatives React to the Bastille Day Attack

On Thursday night, France fell victim to yet another senseless terrorist attack on a day usually reserved for celebration. In Nice, packed crowds watched as fireworks exploded overhead for Bastille Day. When revelers began to disperse, a white moving truck plowed through the busy streets for over a mile before the driver was shot dead by police officers. In total, 84 innocent lives were taken, and dozens more are seriously injured in hospital rooms across the city. That number could rise in the coming days. As President François Hollande explained, about 50 people still remain “between life and death.”

It is a despicable tragedy that has struck at the heart of a nation still reeling from last year’s bloody attacks.  It tragically comes after a string of bloody attacks by terrorists across Europe and the Middle East this year. From the Baghdad bombing that killed 140, to the Istanbul airport attack and dozens more, 2016 has been a year of non-stop tragedy, and it’s exhausted the hearts and minds of people across the world. In the aftermath of the attack, creatives have taken to social media to voice their grief and shock.

Rihanna Cancels Her Friday Concert in Nice

Dev Hynes Sends His Heart Out To The Victims

Miley Cyrus Vows to Fight for a More Peaceful World

Lady Gaga Looks for Harmony and Unity

Amy Schumer Says The One Word We’re All Thinking

Kris Jenner Asks to Spread Love in the Face of Hate

Abigail Breslin Asks When Enough Will Be Enough

Olivia Wilde Shares Obama’s Words on the Tragedy

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Images via The New York Times. 

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