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RIP Franca Sozzani: Saying Goodbye to One of Fashion's Finest

There are few figures in fashion more unforgettable than Vogue Italia’s late Editor in Chief, Franca Sozzani. Ascending to the throne of the magazine in the summer of 1988 (mirrored exactly with Anna Wintour’s appointment to American Vogue in the same month), she was an irreplaceable pillar in the expansive world of style over which she reigned.

Among other things, Franca was known for her free-spirited, creative vision that informed projects and partners throughout her career, giving editorial license to those she worked with and building a roster of incredible talents (including the likes of Mario Testino, Peter Lindbergh, and Steven Meisel) along the way. In celebration of this fearless visionary, we’re looking back at some of our favorite fashion editorials from Vogue Italia to date. Rest in peace, Franca. You’ll be sorely missed.

The Now Squad

Last month’s homage to (or critique of) a selfie-obsessed generation was so spot-on, we would be remiss not to include it this roundup. Another example of Sozzani using Vogue as a platform for conversations beyond style, #thenowsquad initially appears independent, creative, and colorful; a closer look reveals the mob mentality that actually dominates this clique. If this spread isn’t enough to make you reconsider your daily selfie output, we’re not sure what is. Vogue-Italia-November-2016-thenowsquad-Steven-Klein-01Kate.

An icon in her own right, Kate Moss made waves with her editorial spread sans photoshop with photographer and longtime pillar of Vogue Italia, Peter Lindbergh. This stripped down, black and white feature is a welcome change to the glam that usually permeates the pages of Vogue; if you’re able, get your hands on a January 2015 copy stat. gl_54ad9141-a884-4fa1-aa2d-23af0a627753Love That Look!

Peter Lindbergh makes another appearance, this time teaming up with model Milla Jovovich for a turn-of-the-century (literally, published in September of 2000) tribute to the Wild West. Though it may be foreign territory for a magazine staff of fashionable Italians, Sozzani once again steered the ship toward perfection. It almost goes without saying: there’s few things we love more than a stylish woman with revolver in hand. vogueital9001Silent

Sozzani’s tribute to Yves Saint Laurent (who passed away June 2008, two months prior to this editorial) is a dark, intensely emotional spread that never fails to inspire and provoke.3_0The Power of Glamour

Beauty is pain. Is it power, too? Vogue Italia legend Steven Meisel takes us on a glamorous journey behind the scenes of a vintage-esque fashion studio to make his case. We’ll let you be the final judge.0e87c3336865

Images via Condé Nast

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